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Houdini Never Hung Around in Bars
from the album "Houdini's Perspective"

Dm                        Bdim                         A7
Houdini always thought outside the box
Dm                      Bm                       A7
That’s how he opened all those locks
Bb7                A7
He wasn’t worried
                    Gm                          A7
When they dropped him off the dock
Gm                       A7                            Dm9
Houdini always thought outside the box.

His assistants always locked him up real tight
Then they turned out all the lights
There was never any doubt
That he’d somehow get out
When his assistants locked him up real tight

D  G                 A                  D       Bm
   You think everyone’s a saint
G                       A                       D             Bm
   I’m here to tell you that they aint
G                      Å                           D             Bm
   You think your front door is locked
G                   Gm                      A7
   I’m here to tell you that it’s  not….

Houdini never hung around in bars
He was outside starin’ at the stars
Every Hank and Louie
Though he was plain screwy
But Houdini never hung around in bars.




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