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from last year's album "Lost Forever

I’m sure you’ve squared it with yourself
You’ve told yourself it’s cool
And no one could ever accuse you
Of acting like a fool.

Every gesture haas a meaning
You curl your finger or your hair
And everyone responds to your
sly come-hither stare.

I don’t know how you got here
You weren’t like this before
Attraction without gravity
Another attention whore

I used to like the way you dressed
I guess that I still do
I like the makeup and the charms
That jangle when you move

Every gesture has a meaning
The way you toss your hair
The way you toss away your heart
As if you didn’t care


A doctor and a lawyer
A cop, an Indian chief
Are all the same where you’re concerned
You just fly in the face of belief
And never do get burned

You’ve lost the things that made you sweet
You can’t find them anymore
Attraction without gravity
Another attention whore


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